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You wish to pick fruits and veggies yourself !
Go to the "Jardin de La Violette" in Gault Soigny :

Some milk straight from the source ! Go to the Roche family Farm, in the heights of Boissy- le-Repos.

If you'd like to go to a hair salon (organic hair products) or a Spa : contact Laurence SanniƩ at "Nature L" in Corfelix :

Rent a barn for a reception or a party ! :

Visit Astrid Guilbert, a porcelain artisan in Bannay :

Shop for Champagne directly from the owners' vineyards!
Call: Champagne Crochet Riviere in Bergere-sous-Montmirail :

For a charming and delightful walk !
Call Francoise and Christian at the "Pepiniere du point du jour", in Verdelot : You wish to organize a discovery visit to the Champagne cellars!
Meet Christelle Gaste in Vauchamps 03 26 80 44 49 and